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  • Garden
    Home Improvement

    I became a gardener by accident. Sixteen years ago when we built our house, my husband seemed to think that putting in windows and doors was more important than having a beautiful garden......Read more

  • credit_score
    Understanding your Credit Scores
    Your credit score is an estimate of your ability to fulfill financial commitments. In 2010, the government of Jamaica passed the Credit Reporting Act which permits financial institutions to request a report on individuals requiring a loan. Since then, an increasing number of companies are requesting credit reports to determine if a potential client is a viable business prospect......Read more
  • couple
    Get Aggressive About Saving for Retirement in 2017!
    Saving for retirement “is not about an age,” if you ask Sharon Smith, senior manager, Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS). It’s simply about the income you’ll have after you stop earning......Read more
  • intro
    The Christmas Things I Love For The People I Love
    Guess what I’ve been doing this past week …Christmas shopping!!! Early, you say? Well, that’s how I catch all the worms!!.......Read more